The Sandbox Game May Festival: What to Expect

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The Sandbox Game, a decentralized gaming platform that allows users to create, play and monetize their own games using blockchain technology, is launching its May Festival today. The season will run from May 10 to June 12 and will feature a variety of games with new additions and revisions every month.

The May Festival is the latest in a series of microseasons that the Sandbox Game has been organizing since the end of its Alpha Season 3 last year. The microseasons are designed to keep the community engaged and rewarded while the platform prepares for its Alpha Season 4, which is expected to launch later this year but has no confirmed date yet.

Some of the previous events on the sandbox game are:

  • April Festival: A month-long festival of user-generated games and quests in The Sandbox metaverse, where players can earn SAND tokens and NFTs by completing challenges.
  • French Weeks: A series of events celebrating French culture and creativity, featuring exclusive NFTs and LANDs from French artists and partners.
  • Month of Giving: Three experiences based on the holy month of Ramadan featuring Suhoor Drummer, Iftar Dinner and also a social hub featuring the iconic architecture of Hagia Sophia.
  • Songkran: A festive celebration of the Thai New Year, where you can splash around in water at well-known locations such as Khao San Road, Maya Water Park, Songkran Splashed and Waterfight.

The Sandbox May Festival launched on May 11 with over 800 quests across 74 experiences and ends on June 12. The rewards for LAND and Avatar owners include exclusive prize pools totaling 700,000 $SAND. Players can earn memorabilia, mystery boxes, and coveted NFTs. The Sandbox May Festiva has events dedicated to past avatar collections, like Rabbids, Hell’s Kitchen, Madballs, and Paris Hilton. The May Festival also features a lot of new entrants to the metaverse with 3verest, PwC, Team Affairs Experience, and more.

You can learn more about the May Festival on the event page.

To join the May Festival and start playing, you can download the Sandbox Game Launcher from their official website and create an account.

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