3verest: A Virtual Adventure to Mount Everest in the Metaverse

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Embark on a groundbreaking virtual adventure called 3verest, where you can experience the wonders of Mount Everest and the Himalayas in The Sandbox Game’s metaverse. From May 22nd to June 6th, 2023, this extraordinary event raises awareness and funds for climate change and mountain conservation causes, inviting participants to explore and understand the magnificence of Mount Everest while championing its preservation.

What is the 3verest Experience All About?

3verest is a featured event launched along with the May Festival on The Sandbox, offering an immersive metaverse experience centered around Mount Everest.

In commemoration of the historic first ascent of Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953, 3verest, the vision of passionate hobbyist climber Gillian de Brondeau, has collaborated with Smobler, a leading metaverse studio, to breathe life into this virtual adventure within The Sandbox Game. Made possible by The Sandbox’s Game Maker Fund, the event pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of this remarkable achievement.

Furthermore, 3verest offers a unique NFT collection associated with the event, allowing participants to own and trade digital assets related to their virtual expedition. These exclusive NFTs can be found on OpenSea, a popular marketplace for digital collectibles and NFTs.

The primary objective of the 3verest event is to generate awareness and funds for vital climate change and mountain conservation causes. By participating in this virtual expedition, players not only explore the Himalayas and Mount Everest within the metaverse but also gain insights into the mountain’s rich history, the lives of the Sherpa people, and the environmental challenges they face.

Trekkers gathered together to observe the puja ceremony at everest base camp
Puja Ceremony at the Basecamp before the start of expedition praying for safe passage of the trekkers

The 3verest event offers a wide range of engaging activities, rewards, challenges, and opportunities to make a real impact. Participants can navigate treacherous routes such as the Icefall, partake in the Puja ceremony, collect specialized gear, embark on captivating hikes, learn about pollution control and climate change mitigation, and even interact with inspiring individuals along the way.

Mount Everest: A Natural Wonder and Global Challenge

Mount Everest, soaring approximately 29,031 feet above sea level, stands as the highest point on Earth. It was first identified as the world’s highest peak in 1852 and later named after George Everest, a former Surveyor General of India. Known as Chomolungma in Tibet (meaning “Mother Goddess of the World”) and Sagarmatha in Nepal (meaning “Goddess of the Sky”), Mount Everest carries cultural and spiritual significance for many local communities practicing Buddhism or Hinduism.

Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s groundbreaking summit in 1953, over 4,000 individuals have successfully reached the pinnacle of Mount Everest. The mountain’s three-sided pyramid shape, covered in snow and ice, presents a challenging environment characterized by harsh climates, strong winds, and freezing temperatures.

Beyond its grandeur, Mount Everest serves as a fragile ecosystem, hosting over 200 endangered or endemic species of plants and animals. However, the mountain faces numerous environmental threats, including waste management issues, pollution, overcrowding, and climate change. The influx of visitors leaving behind trash, human waste, and equipment has led to water source contamination and the degradation of its natural beauty. Moreover, climate change endangers the mountain’s glaciers, ecosystems, and increases the frequency of natural disasters. Deforestation and overgrazing further contribute to biodiversity loss and soil degradation in the region.

The Dark Side of Mount Everest: Waste, Pollution, and Overcrowding

Mount Everest confronts significant challenges, with climate change being a primary concern. Rising temperatures have the potential to melt glaciers, disrupt ecosystems, and trigger more frequent natural disasters. Additionally, climate change leads to unpredictable and variable weather conditions on the mountain.

Quest to clear trash from the everest base camp
Exciting quests in the 3verest experience to educate players about pollution due to tourism
  • Waste management poses another critical issue on Mount Everest. The thousands of visitors leaving behind trash, human waste, and equipment have contaminated local water sources, endangered the health of local communities and wildlife, and marred the natural splendor of the mountain.
  • Pollution is a pressing problem as well, as the waste left by visitors releases harmful chemicals and gases into the air and water, compromising air quality and visibility, thereby impeding climbers’ ability to breathe.
  • Overcrowding exacerbates these challenges as the number of people attempting to summit Mount Everest continues to rise annually. This overcrowding results in traffic jams, delays, conflicts, and heightened risks of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Moreover, the strain placed on local resources and infrastructure intensifies with increased foot traffic.

Preserving Mount Everest Through the Metaverse

The 3verest event demonstrates how web3 technologies have the potential to raise awareness for natural wonders and cultural heritage sites globally. By leveraging the immersive metaverse experience, a global audience can develop a profound sense of responsibility and stewardship towards these extraordinary places.

Snapshot of trekker with guide tashi enroute the khumbu icefall trek
Tashi, your trek guide will help you navigate the Khumbu Icefall climb

This virtual journey also serves as a tribute to the Sherpa community, honoring their invaluable contributions and advocating for a sustainable future that cherishes the beauty of our planet.

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